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James H. Pickering Mon Nov 28 11:16:45 2005
For a history I am writing, I am searching for information on Carlos BURTON (ca. 1845- ), who came to Granite Falls about 1871 with his wife (Amanda (ca. 1849- ) and his son Georgie (ca. 1868- ) from Dane County, Wisconsin. I found a few references in the History of the Minnesota Valley (1882) but nothing else. Carlos and Amanda are listed (with sons, Georgie, Harvey, and Paul) in the 1880 Census. The 1890 Census was destroyed by fire in 1921, and I am unable to locate the family in census records beyond that date. Any help that can be provided will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
James H. Pickering
University of Houston
jhpick@earthlink. net


Wendy Winkelman Tue Nov 22 14:31:59 2005
I am looking for information on the HELGEMO family living in Canby in the 1870's.
Any info would be appreciated.
Wendy Winkelman


Helen Bjorem Sat Nov 5 22:15:15 2005
Notice death of Carolina (KAUFMANN) BUTENHOFF. She died in Yellow Medicine according to her Minnesota Death Record. Can you help to find who she might have been living with, in Yellow Medicine, and maybe also an Obituary for her?

1  Carolina (KAUFMANN) BUTENHOFF 1875 - 1961  
	b: July 02, 1875 in Waseca County, Minnesota
	d: February 23, 1961 in Yellow Medicine  Co. Minnesota 
	+Herman Friedrich Wilhelm BUTENHOFF 	1874 - 1952	
		b: December 17, 1874 in Zarben, Kreis, Greifenburg, Pommern, Germany	
	m: June 19, 1895 in Oliva, Renville County, Minnesota	
		d: January 13, 1952 in Danube, Renville Co., Minnesota


Roberta Morrow Thu Oct 20 00:47:40 2005
Looking for birth record, parents of Sara SWANSON, born in Canby on 28 Feb 1886.


Sharon Brockman Tue Sep 27 20:10:30 2005
Looking for marriage certificate of Leo LERSCHEN and Mary JACKSON.


Annie Tue Jun 29 02:24:50 2005
I am searching the CERNY / CERNEY name in Yellow Medicine County. My father was born there in Canby.
Annie in Minnesota


ANGELA CANTY Mon Jun 6 15:57:39 2005
Johan Nielsen THOMTON born in Fluberg Parish, Land District, Oppland County, Norway. Died in 1908 in Granite Falls, Minn. Married Ronnaug Marie PEDERSDATTER. She died in 1901 also in Granite Falls, Minn. Their daughter Anna Marie Johansdatter THOMTON married Theodore August STOLTENBERG. I am looking for pictures of any of the above and would love to share information with any descendents of the above people.
Angela Canty


jackie hahn Sat Jun 4 19:52:41 2005
I am looking for CAMPBELLs and GRAHAMs that may or may not have been part Native American. They all were in Minnesota in the 1800s and early 1900s. If you have any information on either family please contact me.
Thank you,


Vicki Steele-Woodall Sat May 21 22:23:41 2005
I'm looking for information about Clark BLISS & his sons Benjamin & Earl BLISS who settled in Wood Lake in 1879. I'm particularly interested in anything that documents their presence in this area before they moved to Redwood County sometime in the 1890s (I think). Hoping someone out there can help me. Thanks.


Ellen Skramstad Sun May 1 11:04:37 2005
While cleaning out my husband's parent's home for sale I came across an old Swedish Bible in Swedish dated 1896. On the front page is a name I interpret as Gust. Kalfrid BENGTSON, Porter, Minnesota. Above the name in old Swedish Script is what looks like Egun Jansson Wergreshult. Does any one recognize these names? I do not know why my husband's family has this bible but I believe it has some connection to family because a piece of notebook paper says Grandma SKRAMSTAD's parents are Caroline Christenson (HIMLE) ERICKSON and Father Charles B. ERICKSON married in Watson MN July 1892.
Thank You.
Ellen Skramstad


Dorothy Cleveland Grupe Wed Apr 13 01:08:22 2005
Trying to find family of Edward Farrell CLEVELAND born approximately 1882. listed in the 1900 Census (17yr) as living with a Roeck, Charles H and Alveretta (?) M in GODWIN, Deuel SD as a farm hand.

On this census he lists himself as born in MN, father born in NY, and mother born in Wisconsin. He told my father he was orphaned at an early age, lived with Indians, went to school 6 years and then was on his own. By 1910, he had moved to Alabama, married, and had one child.


Diane DuBay Sat Apr 2 16:08:24 2005
I am looking for help identifying early photos of Yellow Medicine County (Canby and St. Leo) EISCHENS famiy members. I will scan copies of photos to anyone familiar with EISCHENS family tintypes who might be able to provide names of 1870 - 1910 family groups, wedding couples, Communion and Confirmation photos.


Darlyne Green Tue Mar 29 13:05:22 2005
Hans ARNESON and his family immigrated from Norway around 1876. Among them were Hans wife Guri and children Guri, Liv, Arne & Helga who was born in Yellow Medicine County. Helge was born in 1977. The rest of the children were born in Norway. I would like to know if there are any ARNESON's living there now and if they are any connection to Hans.


Verdell Borth Sun Mar 27 22:57:35 2005
Seeking information on Joseph R. BROWN


Karen Roles Sun Mar 27 07:45:50 2005
Is anyone researching the ROLES families that lived for a time in St. Leo?


John Fri Mar 18 01:40:02 2005
Looking for any information on August NELSON, married to Lena NELSON; not sure of her maiden name.
August and Lena had 11 children:
Lillie, Ella, Ruth, Selma, Myrtle, Augusta, Harold, Harlen, Almyra, and Norma. August died about 1905 from strep throat infection.
I had thought he had married Carolina PEARSON but that has been proven incorrect.
Any help would be deeply appreciated.


Michael Andrews Tue Mar 15 11:17:55 2005
Ole AARSETH has a collection of photographs of various farms in Yellow Medicine County.

scroll down to "I.97 Ole Aarseth photograph collection 1910 to 1917 (162 photographs)"

A variety of surnames are among the photos.


Tara Anderson Wed Mar 9 23:13:30 2005
I am researching the following families of YM county:
Martin T ANDERSON b 8 Feb 1872 Ostra Wemmerlov, Skane, Sweden
d 9 Aug 1966 Granite Falls, YM, MN
married 29 May 1902
Charlotte Marie ALBIN b 27 Nov 1878 Stilby, Sweden
d 23 Jun 1957 Clarkfield, YM, MN

Albert ANDERSON b 29 Jul 1875 Sweden d 5 Jun 1959 YM county, MN
married 16 Oct 1902
Nellie Alida RUDELL b 2 Sep 1885 Allegeny, PA d 24 Oct 1918 YM,MN

Albert married 2nd Jennie WILLANDER 25 Apr 1923
Jennie WILLANDER b 15 Jan 1877 d 4 Sep 1967 locations unknown, death probably YM, MN

I would love to talk to anyone also researching these lines. I am also interested in more information on the flu epidemic of 1918 and tracking down obituaries and graves of these people and their children.


Jan Butler Tue Mar 8 17:18:36 2005
Am looking for information on my great granparents -- John SMITH born about 1852 and his wife Alberta (WILSON) SMITH born about 1854-1856. Both were born in New York. However, they were married in Beaver Falls, Mn. in 1872. One son was born in Yellow Medicine 9-28-1873. Need info on John and Alberta's parents which should be on their marriage license.
Any help you can give would be GREATLY appreciated.


Deborah Peterson Wed Feb 23 22:43:22 2005
I am searching for information on my grandfather's brother, Paul H BLAKESLEY. I think his parents were Herman and Edith (McGREW) BLAKESLEY. I don't know grandparents names.
He died at 19 on May 28, 1921 in Yellow Medicine. I have heard stories about how he drown trying to save 2 girls. Did this story possible get in the papers or written down in history anywhere? Any help or information you have available would be appreciated.
Many thanks in advance


Kathy Friberg Sun Feb 20 10:54:14 2005
Looking for the place of death and date of death of wife of Enock SWENSON (Enock d. 17 Feb. 1970 in Canby, buried St. Stephen's Cemetery, Canby). Enock's wife: Anna (NYQUIST) SWENSON, d. between 1967 and 1970 ?. Is Anna buried with Enock? Any help is much appreciated.


CAROL OLSEN Fri Feb 18 20:46:24 2005
BENDICKSON's. My Dad was Harold BENDICKSON who was born in Hazel Run.
Thank you. My e-mail is


MARLEEN FAYE GOODTEACHER Fri Feb 18 17:11:47 2005
Looking for the ancesters of my father, the Joseph Johnson GOODTEACHER's parents, Oscar and Alvina and his grandparents, (I think Rev. Joseph GOODTEACHER and Mary CHAPMAN.) I think Oscar was adopted from someone named ST. JOHN


Debbie Wed Feb 16 15:02:58 2005
I am looking for history on Simon and Caroline (WEISE or WISE) MARQUARDT. They moved to Boyd, MN in 1880. They had numerous children. I am mainly looking for Caroline's obituary, which from what I understand contains alot of history. She died in 1957. Simon and Caroline farmed near or in Boyd, MN. They owned a beautiful home just down from Omro Church in Boyd. Any leads would be great! Would like to exchange history. They are my Great-Great Grandparents.


wynona brown Tue Feb 15 13:46:06 2005
I am trying to find out information about my grandmother, Amy DE PEW. She was born in Echo, Minnesota sometime in the mid 1880's. I will be traveling to Minnesota in July and would like to come to the court house and see if I can find any info - Is the courthouse open everyday Monday - Friday. What are the hours?


Harold Miller Tue Jan 18 20:17:23 2005
Mathew KONNER born 17 Apr 1884 Algona, Kossuth, Iowa.
Move to Snt Leo, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota and in 1906 to Saskatchewan Canada. There he wed Rosalea LENZ of Saint Leo, and they raised 14 children. Can someone find Matthew's parents for me?


Marvin B. Green Fri Jan 14 10:01:14 2005
My Norwegian great grand parents Iver and Marit GREEN are from the Lisbon township in Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota. My great grandma died there in 1884 and is buried in the Stony Run Camp Release Cemetery in a unmarked grave.
Thank You!
Marvin Green


Andrew Mock Mon Dec 13 21:44:41 2004
I'm looking for information on Louis MOCK (b. circa 1869 - 1950) and his wife Carrie (maiden name - KUEHN). Carrie MOCK (b. circa 1877 - 1953). I believe both are buried at the town cemetary in Echo, MN. Louis' father as well (Frederick), though Frederick may have a different spelling of the last name (either MOCK, MACK or MAACK).

Any information would be helpful. Thanks very much.
Andrew Mock


Marcus Klutzny Thu Dec 9 03:23:17 2004
I am looking for information regarding the KLUCZNY family. The family of Nick (Nicolaus) KLUCZNY with wife Magdalena VOCKA or WOTZKA had 8-10 children in the late 1800īs century born in Minnesota. Their son John KLUCZNY graduates of Canby High School (1897 - 1913), in Yellow Medicine Co., MN in the year 1911.

So I guess that he must born about 1894. I have no information where the family came from.
Any informations are helpful !!! Thanks


JOYCE WOOD Thu Dec 2 12:24:40 2004
Hi, I'm researching on the name of NYBERG. Could you supply me with any information on Laurel Alfred NYBERG? He was born 24 Apr 1919 in New Richland, Waseca, MN and died 14 May 1970 in Yellow Medicine County, MN, where he owned land/farm? His home residence was in Lamberton, Redwood County, MN.

I'm mainly looking for the maiden name of his wife Patricia J. although I have her maiden name has NIPPOLT/NIPPOLD but because I'm having a difficult time in finding anything with this last name, I wonder if it is wrong.

I would appreciate any information you could offer me, especially from a marriage certificate or Laurel's death orbit.

Thank you for your time.
Joyce Wood


Matt Kitto Mon Nov 15 18:54:54 2004
I am looking for a Ray CCAVENDER. Ray was married to a Julia GOODTEACHER. Ray may be his middle name. They lived in the Flandreau South Dakota area around 1891. I have not been able to find any record of him or his family after 1891. I think they may have moved to your area. Ray and Julia would be my great great great grandparents. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt Kitto


Karen Mengel Thu Nov 4 07:08:13 2004
I am searching for information regarding the JOHNSTON family. My grandfather was Victor George JOHNSTON, great grandparents were George Abssynia JOHNSTON and Mary Samantha (BROWN) JOHNSTON. Any information would be helpful.


Barbara Agenbroad Tue Oct 26 20:41:29 2004
I am trying to find the name of my grandfather's (John O. HAGEN's) maternal uncle. My grandfather was born in Norway in 1879 and emigrated to the U.S. at about the age of 16 and lived with his uncle in Canby, Minnesota until 1907 when he moved to Orient, South Dakota. My grandfather apprenticed as a printer in Canby during that time. I believe the uncle was a physician with the last name of OLSEN. Dr. Olsen had a very large family (nearly a dozen according to an old letter.) Some of his children's names were Edward, Oscar, Gertrude, and Ida.

I have a letter from Ida ERICKSON (one of the daughters) who lived in Canby at the time of the letter (1938).
If anyone has any information about the full name of this uncle or any of his descendents, it would be very helpful. Thank you.


Gregory Thorne Sat Oct 16 23:13:25 2004
I am looking for info concerning Albert THORNE born in Kossuth Co, IA Oct 3, 1888 and died in Yellow Medicine Co in August 24, 1966. I don't know his wife's name but think it might be Emma Pernella THORNE born 11/25/1979 and died 4/22/ 1979 Yellow Medicine.
Thank you so much
Sincerely Yours
Gregory Thorne


Barbara Sat Oct 16 22:32:07 2004
August BENGTSON, widower to moved here about 1890 and his children Walemar, Carrie, Sullivan, Stella, Mabel & Benjamin Harris. Other relatives in Sibley, Canby, Hibbing.


Irene Stone Tue Sep 7 09:22:52 2004
seeking info on BRANMOE, E.T.
D 1904, Porter Mn
and wife, Maret d 1905 Porter. Mn
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Bjarne Jormeland Sat Aug 28 14:20:04 2004
Ole SVENDSON, age 39, b. in Norway are listed in Lisbon, Yellow Medicine in 1880. Living with wife Omber, age 36, b. in Norway and children Mary L., age 5, Caroline age 3 and Sven age 1 - all b, in MN. Does anyone know who are this people ? Perhaps this is Ole SVENDSON, age, 21 - in 1862 living in Chatfield, Fillmore county, MN - when he joined Minnesota 5th. Inf, reg. Co. B and later worked at Fort Ridgely, MN. - during the "The Sioux Uprising". Later (at least in 1912) lived in Prairieville, Wisconson (now Waukesha)?


Donna Kornelius Thu Jul 15 20:18:44 2004
I am seeking any information on the Ole and Annie G. CORNELIUSON family. Their son, my grandfather, was Hans CORNELIUS. Hans was born January 23, 1874, in Yellow Medicine County.


Rick Driehorst Mon Jul 12 22:16:11 2004
Looking for any information on Theodore O, Richard L, Clifford E and Gertrude A THRONDSEN. Any information on other THRONDSENs in Yellow Medicine County or surrounding counties would also be appreciated.


Ronald Johnson Tue Jun 29 21:18:51 2004
I'm looking for decendents of Sam and Mary NOREM of Clarkfield. Mary was my grandfather Lewis's sister. Her maiden name was JOHNSON. The family lived in Big Grove Twp. in Illinois. From what I know most of their decendents still live around Clarkfield. I'm doing research on my JOHNSON family and I would like to get in contact with my cousins in Minnesota.

Some of my YM County family carry the last name of URDAHL, SUMPTER, WILKENS, HOGESON, HANSON, HAAG and NOREM! If anyone reading this is from or around Clarkfield and they know some of the NOREM decendents I would really appreciate if they would let someone from the NOREM family know that I am trying to find them.


Lisa Schefus Thu May 13 16:11:54 2004
Looking for any info on the GAASVIG family.


shirley Mon May 10 13:42:01 2004
Does any one know where to look up naturalization papers? Andrew Edwin ERICKSON, arrived around 1885. Looking for first papers, family was in various parts of Yellow Medicine county until approx. 1912. Thank you for any information that you might have.


Lisa Schefus Mon May 3 08:36:20 2004
Would like to here from anyone that knows anything about the GAASVIGs.


Marian Hill Sun May 2 10:12:16 2004
I am seeking information about the family of Carl 'Charles' and Burtha 'Bertie' GUNDERSON, who moved to Wergeland from Wisconsin between 1876 and 1879. Hattie, their youngest child, is my husband's grandmother.


Karen Werner Tue Apr 27 12:22:04 2004
Looking for any information on the BARLOW families (3 brothers) that homesteaded in Fortier Twp., Yellow Medicine County 1880s.
Samuel & Mary BARLOW; daughters: Maggie married William Cole; Gertie married Thomas STREET; Annie married Joseph TURBAK; Katie B. married unknown.
Alfred & Fannie BARLOW. Their children all moved away.
Thomas BARLOW married Christina Koenig KING (brother Henry KING). Christina died 1895 along with son Rueben, buried together I?m told.
Would like to locate cemetery where buried. Thanks.


Tamara (Tammy) Daine Mon Apr 12 09:19:15 2004
Looking for info re my maternal grandmother - Elva Doris KRANGNESS, later changed to KRAGNESS. Daughter of Nels B. KRANGNESS / KRAGNESS and Anna GUNDERSON. Elva was born 10/10/09, in Yellow Medicine County in the Village of Porter. Need to find out any info and if she was married prior to her marriage to William DUERRE.
Thank you, Tamara (Tammy) Daine.


OLIVER SWENSON Thu Apr 8 19:41:30 2004
I am looking for an obit for Emilie (SWENSON) CARLSON who died Dec 29, 1897 and her father Peter J. SWENSON who died Sept 7, 1897. I have hit a brick wall on both of them.


judy Tue Apr 6 12:20:12 2004
Looking for information on the STEFFRUDs that live in Canby, Minnesota in the early 1900's


Gilbert Groven Fri Feb 20 00:25:24 2004
I am seeking any information concerning the whereabouts, death, and/or burial of Hilma Florence GROVEN, b. 25 Sep 1913 in Fortier Township, Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota. She was daughter of Gilbert Andrew GROVEN and Caroline Mathilda OLSON and resided near Canby, Minnesota until 1932. Any leads concerning possible spouse or descendants appreciated.


Erin Ortmann Tue Feb 17 15:50:11 2004
Looking for any information on my family. William DRAKE is my ancestor. His sister was married to Henry NORTH. The DRAKEs and the NORTHs were shown living in Omro, YM, MN in the 1880 census. As for what I know, the families were from Omro, Winnebago, WI and came to help settle Omro, MN ca 1878. One of the transplants suggested the name after their original home. NORTHs stayed on but DRAKEs returned to WI within 2 years.
ANY info, or especially photos of the relations would be highly appreciated. Thanks so much for your time! Erin in Oregon


shirley Tue Feb 10 11:41:54 2004
I am looking for Andrew E ERICKSON, b-Dec 12, 1863. Carrie A. ANDERSON, b-Sept 30, 1876, arrived Yellow Medicine co. sometime after 1885. Married may 13, 1887. John Olson and John Nelson were their witnesses, first born Alvina was born Dec 1898, registered in Lucus township, (Swede Prarie, on her birth record.) Any info would be greatly appericated. Thank you.


Nate Molstad Tue Jan 20 18:20:21 2004
Looking for any information or documention on Nels (Died 1894) and Johanna (ANDERSON) (died 1904) MOLSTAD or one of their children, Anton Nels MOLSTAD who married Aslaug (KASIN) MOLSTAD in on December 5th, 1883........Nels, Johanna and Anton (age 6) came to America in 1868 from Norway....Took a homestead claim in Yellow Medicine County in 1872 in Normania Township........In an obituary I found states that Anton was the Normania Township treasuer, on the school board and organized the United Norwegian Lutheran Church.
Thanks you for yor time.
Nate Molstad


Carilyn Booker Mon Jan 19 5:48:42 2004
I'd like to find information on the following persons:
John Conrad AAKVIK and Olga Mathilda (GRANHOLT) AAKVIK
Olga Mathilda GRANHOLT


Kelley Mon Jan 5 12:47:19 2004
I am searching for information on families named BING and ESTBY who lived in Hammer, Yellow Medicine County and Canby as well starting about 1880 or so. I am hoping to learn where Ole BING and Karen BING died and find information related to their deaths (death records, obituaries, wills, probate files,etc). I am hoping to prove the Karen (married to Ole) BING who lived next door to Helga (married to Ole) ESTBY in the 1880 census are mother and daughter.

Helga ESTBY just had an amazing book written about her life. If you'd like to check it out you can visit the author's website at I am attempting to assist the author with some additional research.
Thank you!
Kelley (


Judith Heap Sat Jan 3 06:00:33 2004
Looking for any information on Leonard and William HAZELDEN who were resident in Stony Run from 1870's to early 1800's when they moved to South Dakota. Leonard and William were brothers who had emigrated from England.
Leonard was one of the first County Commissioners for Yellow Medicine County. He married Betsy HALVORSEN


Lorene Schertzl Wed Dec 17 14:34:24 2003
Researching the ROBERTS name in Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota. I have ROBERTS buried there. I am looking for relatives and ancestors of John ROBERTS, retired clergymen d. 1/25/1942.
any connection?
Lorene Hesselgrave SCHERTZL


Darlene Bush Tue Nov 25 22:20:48 2003
My father Alfred SANDSTROM was born in this county in 1898 to John SANDSTROM and Mari GOLIE.
Any further information appreciated.

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