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sharon watson Tue Aug 12 12:12:38 2014
Any information on Hunkpapa Sioux children who were adopted in Woods Lake in the late 1860's? This girl, Isabella TIBBLIS WATSON, was living with her adopted parents TIBBLIS and Anna Hall TIBBLIS, 2 early settlers in Yellow Medicine County. She married Dr. Frederick Goodwin WATSON.
thank you


Anderson,Gustafson Fri Apr 11 07:00:05 2014
Looking for info on Johan ANDERSON, born 1840 and Heddy / Hedda GUSTAFSON born 1948, lived in Boyd area, saw on Uncles Parcel book from 1900s, they sold off in estate auction, for Roland BENGTSON, could be in museum was old.


Dale Glenn Thorpe Tue Mar 25 15:19:25 2014
We need to get a certified copy of Dale Glenn THORPE's birth certificate born May 30, 1936 to Arnold W. THORPE and Hazel Marie THORPE in Canby, Minnesota.

We will mail a check when we know what the charge will be. Thank you, Dale Thorpe


Marian Fragodt Sun Mar 16 18:04:36 2014
I am looking for the burial place for my great-grandmother, Anne Krestine MATISDATER. She died in Minnesota in 1898. Was born in Norway in 1835. She lived in Yellow Medicine county.


Gina Poslusny Sun Mar 16 07:03:29 2014
Seeking information on Taylor Joseph CHRISTIANSON.


Debra Pascual Fri Mar 14 19:10:02 2014
I am seeking information regarding my great-grandfather Arthur P. FRANCIS. He was born on March 22, 1865 in Wisconsin and died on March 16, 1910 in Yellow Medicine. He died after falling and being run over by his plow. I would appreciate any information that you may have, such as his obituary, any land ownership documents, etc. Thank you for your kind assistance.
Debra Pascual


Bob FLoren Thu Oct 10 09:06:05 2013
I am looking for the TUVEN family who came to Canby, Minnesota. A friend in Norway is looking for their family member, Jorgen Johan Benjaminsen TUVEN. They say he was born in 1883 and was in Canby in 1902 or came to Canby in 1902. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This friend was a great help to me in finding my family.


Chris Wozniak Tue Sep 24 11:56:22 2013
Who takes care of the WERGELAND Cemetery?? I recently visited and have questions about my Great great Grandparents. They were Peder WESTREM and Elizabeth WESTREM. He died in 1908 and she in 1909. They lived in Porter. Thank you for any info!!


John Ziehr Sun Aug 25 12:51:02 2013
My wife's Great grandmother, Ingeborg KNUTSDATTER, was born in Norway in 1839. She had a son Michael ANDERSON in 1861 and left Norway alone in 1869. She emigrated through Canada. Census records show a Engeborg ASLAKSON living in Yellow Medicine County in 1895 and 1900 at that time she was living with her husband Holv. In the 1920 and 1930 census she is shown living with her daughters family Ole and Johanna NYBO (sp?).

Do you have any information on these people? Thanks.
John Ziehr


Bruce Granger Mon Jul 15 09:23:46 2013
Information on Homer, Harry, Cecil, Arthur GRANGER. Sons on Aretmus and Martha. Came to area 1890. Lived Sec 31 Freeland township Lac Qui Parle County. Came from Napanee Ontario. Harry was my grandfather who moved to Dodge county in 1911. Homer operated the farm. Now Granger Lunde Century farm. Arthur was superintendent schools in Wells Mn. I do not know of Cecil but I believe lived in Canby.
Please contact me.


Jan Butler Fri Jan 11 15:58:02 2013
I am looking for any information about Albert Marion SMITH who was born Sep. 28, 1873 in Yellow Medicine County, Minnesota Falls. His parents were John SMITH, born Jan. 1, 1853 in New York and mother, Alberta (WILSON) SMITH, born 1905, Jamestown, N.Y. What I am looking for, was a twin sister, Ada, born with Albert?


Tony Anderson Wed Nov 28 09:24:57 2012
Seeking information on Andrew K ANDERSON and wife Caroline.


Barb Biallas Thu Jul 26 12:26:46 2012
I am looking for ancestral information about Charles Carl PETERREINS... his parents came from Germany to Philadelphia in 1849 and moved to Minnesota about 1851...their names were Peter John PETERREINS and Augusta Louise (sometimes initial H instead) KOECHER / KOCHER / KACKER. As far as I know they had 12 or 13 children; three of whom died at birth or a young age.


Mike McGarry Sat Jul 14 20:24:44 2012
Looking for records for my great grandfather, Ole EVENSON, in Yellow Medicine County near Canby Minnesota from circa 1890 to his death after 1930. His wife was Kari Engelsen Kjellborg and both were born in Norway. There children were sons Edd, Hans, Igarwald, Andrew and two daughters Anna and Thea.

Anna is my Grand mother and married Martin L K SOVIK (Norway). I have their records after they moved to Portland, OR were both died of old age. Edd married Gunilde and (then Ingabord Skomedal) their daughter was Olive Evensen may have married (Kimmel)? Thea married Carl TORGERSON.

I would like any more info so I might connect the dots back to Norway? Any help would be much appreciated.


Bruce Granger Thu Sep 15 09:51:20 2011
Any information on GRANGER family around Canby. Homer, Arthur, Ceicel, Harry. Sons of Artemus GRANGER. Arived aproximately 1880-1890 from Napanee Ontario. Farmed in area. Mother burried on Homers farm, single grave. Homer last living died aprox 1955.


Jamie Stensrud Sat Sep 10 20:24:58 2011
I am looking for information on the following:
- Ole Sorensen STENSRUD, b 26 Mar 1829 in Valdres, Norway
- Anna PEDERSON (PEDERSEN?), spouse of the above, b 24 Nov 1847 in Telemark, Norway
- Soren STENSRUD, father of Ole Sorensen STENSRUD

Any information would be appreciated, especially birth/death dates and locations of Soren and his wife, and names and same info on their parents/grandparents.

Thank you.
Jamie Stensrud


Bruce Granger Fri Jul 22 06:36:02 2011
Information on GRANGER family living in Canby area Father Aretmas , sons Homer - Arthur - Ceicel. daughters possibly Madge. Arrived from Napanee Ontario Canada about 1880 1890.
Mother burried on family farm near Canby
Sister of Harry Granger was Julia Madge but went by Madge (born 1876). Madge’s daughter Dorothy was married to Palmer Fladstal, Conrad Mont.
Harry also had another sister May Etna born 1872.
Harry 1879
Homer 1874
Cecil & Arthur (twins) 1882


Lisa Vedaa Wed Mar 30 15:54:39 2011
I am looking for information on Jacob and Oleanna (or Oline) RONNEBERG. They are listed in Fortier Township in Yellow Medicine County in the 1885 and 1895 Minnesota Censuses and the 1900 Federal Census. They had daughters named Gurine, Regina Martha, Evelyn (Lena), Susie and Marie and a son named Thore. I would really like a clue as to what area of Norway they came from, and what cemetery they may be buried in (if they even died in Yellow Medicine County). I know a couple of the daughters died young, after they had been married for a short time (Susie JERDE and Regina/Martha ARSETH). Gurine was my great-great-grandmother and married John Frederickson RANDGAARD. Any info is appreciated!


Mandy Thu Feb 24 09:53:18 2011
I am looking into the Bach and NOSBUSCH family history. I have a letter from a cousin written to my grandmother in need of family history. Her name was/is Sister Mary Bertha NOSBUSCH. She was in the Good Counsil Convent in Mankato MN. Her grandfather's name was Werner NOSBUSCH who lived in Jucken Germany. Any informatin you have on her and the family would be vital to My family history and book.


Theresa Main Sat Nov 27 20:07:23 2010
My great grandparents came from Norway and settled in or around Yellow Medicine County. My Grandfather's birth was registered in Yellow Medicine. I would like to know if there are still NASHIEMs living in that county and any history pertaining to the NASHIEM name.
I would be most gratefull for any info. Theresa Main


Barb Hanson Sat Nov 20 08:50:14 2010
I have a lot of material relating to these families mostly from Wood Lake. I rescued it from a dumpster and would like to pass it on to someone who may be researching these familiies. I would be happy to forward it on for the cost of postage.


Kjersti Kittilsen Sun Oct 24 17:17:56 2010
The siblings left Oslo(Kristiania), Norway 29.04.1881, the ship name was Rollo, intended for Canby, Minnesota?

Johannes b.1837, Karen b.1850, Olaus b. 1847, Mathea b. 1855, Klara b. 1860 and Marie RANDGAARD b. 1865


DONNA STEELE Thu Aug 12 10:09:28 2010
Looking for info on Ben and Alvina OLSON whose address was Porter, Mn but they and their son, LeRoy, are buried in the cemetary at Canby, Mn.
Would love it if someone could email me a digital photo of their graves.


Debby Ortman Wed Aug 4 17:39:10 2010
I am looking for more information on Nels CHRISTIANSON, any and all WESTBY(E) from this area and Thomas C. WALLACE who married a WESTBY.


Char Sun Jul 18 17:59:37 2010
Looking for information on Nels ANDERSON, married Olava (Laura) B in 1885. Had 5 children in Clarkfield, Almer ANDERSON 1886, Jessie ANDERSON 1887, Betsey ANDERSON 1888, Hattie ANDERSON 1890, Theodore ANDERSON 1892. Before moving to Sargent County ND. Nels was born in Sweden, and immigrated around 1870-1872.


Karen Seitz Sun Jul 11 08:39:57 2010
I am seeking information about my grandfather, George STENSRUD's brother, John STENSRUD. George and John were raised in North Dakota. In their younger years they home-steaded in Sask, Canada. John STENSRUD returned to the U.S. settling back in Minnesota or North Dakota. Any information about John STENSRUD and his family would be appreciated. Thank you.


Nicole Needham Sat Jun 12 22:31:01 2010
In an 1880 US Census, Fillmon G. HURSH (age 45 at census, his wife Hannah C. HURSH (age 43 at census), and their son David Fillmore HURSH (age 15 at census) were living in Posen, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota.

I can't seem to find much information on them, and would be greatly interested in anything you might locate. Thank you! Nicole Needham


Lillian Kristiansen Thu Jun 10 10:00:05 2010
JOLSTAD, Mathea A. (Johanneson) - Sep 01,1860 - Dec 23,1899 - A-31 - Daughter of Ole and Bertha; Mrs. Anton M. JOLSTAD

JOLSTAD, Bernhard A. - Oct 06,1895 - May 16,1914 - A-31 - Son of Anton M. and Mathea A.

JOLSTAD, Betsey A. - Mar 07,1892 - May 07,1914 - A-31 - Daughter of Anton M. and Mathea A.

JOLSTAD, Oluf A. - Sep 05,1890 - May 25,1914 - A-31 - Son of Anton M. and Mathea A.

If it´s posible I want ALL you can find of JOLSTAD when they lived in Normania, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota.


Austin Shea Long Wed May 12 19:13:28 2010
I'm the descendant of said surnames and am inquiring about any scholarships that are available for those who are of such descent. I am attempting to continue attending college; however, it is very difficult as I am in debt and am unable to receive financial aid from FASFA. Also, if any of these names could be associated with the American Revolutionary War or Sons of Norway, that might help me obtain other scholarships. Sincerely, Austin.


Susan Harris Sun May 9 20:11:31 2010
I am looking for information on an OLSON family living in the Canby area 1880-1910. Mary OLSON (approx birth date approx 1884) married Tom PETERSON in Story Co Iowa 1902. She died 1907 but not sure if in Iowa of MN. Does anyone know anything about an OLSON family that might connect to Mary?


Sandy Gretebeck Sun Apr 11 08:16:54 2010
Jacob ALVSON left Vinje, Norway in the late 1860's with his children (Ingeborg, Liv and Annund) for America. His wife Johanne Jakobsdtr SKORI had died in Aamotsdal, Norway. They may have spent some time in Iowa with family before going to MN to live with his wife's folks (SKORI). Have found a Jacob ALVSON, age 80 listed in the 1900 census in the Village of Candby, Yellow Medicine County, MN thus this query to your web site. Any help would be appreciated.


Megan Beebe Sat Mar 20 11:37:33 2010
I have been working on a family history but there are many blanks. Specifically, my mom's maiden name was Janet SWENSON. Her sister is Janice and brother was LeRoy. My grandfather was Alfred SWENSON (B.6/5/1913 D.6/12/1980). My great-grandfather was Swen SWENSON and my great-grandmother was Anna Mathilde ANDERSEN. As near as I can tell, Swen was born in Iowa but moved to Clarkfield in Yellow Medicine. Anna was born in Norway. My mom's aunt and uncles are Agnes, Fern, Lillian, Ann (Alfred's twin), Palmer, Ray and Alfred (my grandfather). They had a farm in Clarkfield.
I'm looking for any information I can get on the family and their lands. I so appreciate any input. Meg


Kevin Sandvig Fri Feb 12 22:43:40 2010 Great Grandparents homesteaded in Yellow Medicine County (Sioux Agency Township Section 19 & 33), Minnesota.

Iver O. TRYGGESETH (1873-1917)
Wife:  Johanne TRYGGESETH (MORK) (1875-1960)
Children:  Ingvald (1902-1990)
           Oliver  (1904-1984)
           Alvin   (1908-1997)
           Judith  (1910-1995)
           Alice   unknown

Theodore (Theo) REDETZKE (1874-1956) Wife: Ella REDETZKE (RICHTER) (1880-1958) Children: Vernice (1903-1988) Marvel (1907-1985)

If anyone has more information and especially farm/family pictures.....please contact me. I am planning a trip to Yellow Medicine County this Summer to investigate their homesteads/gravesites. Do I have any family still living in the area??

Thank you.....Kevin Sandvig from Traverse City, Michigan


patricia parks Tue Dec 29 01:20:24 2009
Any information on these families in Yellow Medicine County, MN.


Moorhouse Mon Dec 14 11:01:55 2009
Seeking information on GJERMUNDSON family - where, when born and history.


Linda Grinnell Thu Dec 10 12:50:14 2009
Jan Weaver,
I am trying to contact you regarding the above surnames but my email to you ( bounced back. Please contact me. I'm anxious to compare notes on Wilhelmina SCHEIDEMANN who married Wh. Henry TEYLER.
Linda Grinnell


Tom wickie Tue Oct 27 12:03:31 2009
Looking for an obituary for Edward SPIELMAN, b. 1872, d. 28 Nov 1947 in Yellow Medicine County. Formerly of Windom, Cottonwood, Minnesota and Stately Twp, Brown, MN. Spouse: Annie M (REESE) SPIELMAN.


Tammy Daine Wed Oct 14 17:58:13 2009
Any info on Gorden(sp?) KRAGNESS. Sister, Edna married to William DUERRE, his parents and grandparents place of birth - history on both sides would be appreciated. Thank you Tammy Daine Daughter of William Dickinson DAINE and Barbara Jane DUERRE-DAINE. Also seeking more info re: Emily DICKINSON and a John Manton DAINE Iowa, South Dakota area


Scott Denison Sun Sep 27 12:32:31 2009
Seeking information about Ezekial Rice DENISON, who may have died in Granite Falls, MN on April 22nd, 1863.


Kirstin Replogle Tue Aug 25 12:58:28 2009
I am looking for information regarding Leonard SAYJACK, my maternal great grandfather. He was a farm laborer for A. L. PETERSON (Rt. 1, Canby) during the WWI draft registration. Was married briefly to Anna C. OLSON (Canby), my great grandmother. Records are inconsistent, with draft registration claiming London, England as his birthplace, but the 1920 Census indicated "United States" (no specific state) as birthplace. Gifts and letters occasionally came to my grandmother from Chicago.

Searches of this surname come up with little (just the draft card and the Census). If anyone knows anything about him, or knows of someone of a similar name, please contact me. I would be most grateful.


Helen Cromar Mon Jul 20 17:48:22 2009
I am looking for the marriage date of Harry E. FLOTO, bd 6 Mar 1901, MN, and Alice GRANGER, bd 24 Nov 1907. They lived in Yellow Medicine Co, all their lives. He died in 1991, she died in 1995. They were probably married in the early 1920's. Thank you for your help!


SANDRA BESTLAND Mon Jul 20 16:41:18 2009
I am looking for information on H. M. BESTLAND. According to page 471 of the book "A History of Yellow Medicine County Minnesota 1872 - 1972," by NARVESTAD, H. M. was killed in WWI and remembered in the establishment of the ANDERSON-BESTLAND Post No. 127 of the American Legion in 1919.

Can you confirm the "H. M. BESTLAND" is Herbert BESTLAND who was born in 1899 and died in 1918? Also, H. M. BESTLAND's name is not engraved on the "Killed in Action" obelisk on the YMC Veterans' Memorial.

Michelle GATZ indicated that the fee for doing that would be $50. I would like to hiave this name added to the KIA obelisk. How do I go about doing this? Also, what can you tell me about the ANDERSON-BESTLAND Post No. 127? Is it still in existence? If not, when did it cease operation? Thank you for your help.


Chrissy Sun Jul 5 11:50:33 2009
Hi. I'm currently looking for information on my great grandparents, Benie GUNDERSON and Hannah LARSON, who lived next door to each other on farms. I'm hoping to find the address of where they lived in Clarkfield. I also have an article from an old newspaper of Benie's father, Simon Bertil GUNDERSON, who had a school district named after him in Clarkfield. If you are a possible relative or can help me find more information on these two items, please email me.


Virginia Frisone Sat Jun 13 11:37:24 2009
Can anyone take a picture in the Hillcrest Cemetery for me. I would like a picture of Elmer R. SIMS gravestone. He died Oct. 6, 1956. His wife's name was Valamina. I do not know when she died.
Thank you for your help. Virginia Frisone


gieser Tue Apr 21 21:36:49 2009
Searching for information on Jacob GIESER or Eliza WILSON who reportedly lived in or near Echo Mn. Eliza (WILSON) GIESER possibly a victim of an epidemic 1890-1893.


Liz Kaines Sun Apr 19 06:46:21 2009
I am looking for information on Clifford ENEVOLDSEN, born in Guernsey Channel Islands around 1913, who emigrated to America. I understand he changed his name probably to ANDERSON. His wife's name was Betty. Any information would be welcome please


Carol Bacon Wed Apr 8 00:15:52 2009
Looking for relatives and social history on Axel PETERSON born 1894, died 1969. Married to Hilda MILLER who had three daughters, Mildred, Stella and Florence. One sister was named Bettie and a brother named Alfred C.
Appreciate any and all info you can provide including photo's.


Ruth Henrichs Sat Mar 14 09:43:13 2009
I am a decendant of the Schmidt family, Renville, MN area. A small house, I believe still stands there. There was once a huge cottonwood tree and about 20 years ago, sugar beets were raised there. Any info on who lives there now and how I can visit would be so appreciated.

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